The Burrell Kitchen

The Burrell Kitchen

Originally the café used to occupy the entire space that was formally the kitchen for the high school, however, it was far too large an area for just the café. The equipment was out dated and it just wasn’t the best use of the space. So, over the summer we had a wall built to divide the space into two separate working areas. The front section is used for the Engine Room community café and in the back space we have designed and installed The Burrell Kitchen; a purpose-built training kitchen with 8 workstations in addition to a teacher demo station. 

We wanted to create an area that was welcoming and not at all intimidating, it had to replicate the type of equipment most people would have in their own homes rather than a commercial kitchen that you would find at a catering college. Our primary motivation for building the training kitchen is that we’re really keen to work with local residents, both adults and children to improve their confidence around cooking meals for themselves and their families and help to increase their confidence around food and how to make the most of the ingredients that are available to them. 

Before Christmas, the Joy of Food ran a four-week cookery course in The Burrell Kitchen which proved extremely popular, and there are more in the pipeline for this year too, so once we know the exact dates, why not sign up and get cooking!

To hire The Burrell Kitchen, the price is £20 per hour.

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