Our New CEO - Danny, starts on February 10th 2020. We are looking forward to giving him a warm Charles Burrell welcome and he is keen to meet with as many tenants, sessional hirers and people who use the centre as possible-if you would like to make an appointment to meet with him please get in touch! Here's a message from him as we start the new year..............


Danny New CEO CBC


"Waiting to be called in for my interview, I overheard a few people chatting in the Engine Room. They were saying how amazed they were that this old school building had been rescued from the demolition ball and transformed into the lively hub of activity it is today.

As parents were talking, the children that they were picking up from ballet class came and were dancing into the room; the Zumba stereo system started blaring, and I spoke with a young man about his excitement to attend the New Year’s Eve party at CBC.

When I was growing up in Belfast, 7 out of 10 families were living in poverty. One winter, I remember a neighbour giving away half a loaf of bread and a pot noodle to someone who didn’t have any food on their table. That, to me, is what community means – taking care of each other, sharing resources and getting creative during difficult times. I’ve never seen an organisation that embodies the values of community better than CBC.

From an abandoned lot to thriving social and business centre, CBC has achieved a lot more than anyone could have imagined. This year it was recognised as the ‘most enterprising organisation’, at an awards ceremony run by Locality which supports hundreds of community organisations nationally.

Everything that is achieved at CBC is down to the wonderful people here that pull together. More than 100 volunteers give over 1000 hours of their time every month to help keep the centre going. All 50+ tenants and the dozens of sessional hirers provide services that are needed and valued by people in the community. The staff team is committed to ensuring that the centre stays open 79 hours per week, taking care of tenants, and keeping the business on track. At CBC, the business is our community. And the community is our business. Those two aspects are completely interlinked. When we listen to what people around us are saying they need, then the Centre will continue to grow in size and impact.

I can’t wait to meet all of you, to find out what you like about CBC and to hear your ideas to make things even better. With so many diverse tenants, such skilled and enthusiastic staff and volunteers, and a neighbourly, cooperative local community, there is almost no end to the possibilities of what we can collaboratively create. 2020 is a New Year, for new ideas, new friendships, new projects and infinite possibilities. Let’s see what happens!"